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ADO.NET Express

  • Are you a professional .NET developer?
  • Do you work with Oracle or SQL Server?
  • Do you write a lot of repetitive ADO.NET code such as calling a stored procedure or executing an UPDATE statement with concurrency control? You probably have more creative things to do...

There are a lot of code generators on the market that claim they will generate the whole application for you without any coding. Or they will generate data access classes so that you will never have to deal with SQL and ADO.NET.

Perhaps, you tried some of them and thought "well... they might be useful in certain scenarios...". But for your project they are too inflexible, have too many limitations and they are too complex to use.


ADO.NET Express is an add-in for Visual Studio 2003 that automates common tasks of writing repetitive data access code. ADO.NET Express generates class methods for calling stored procedures and executing common types of SQL statements.

ADO.NET Express

ADO.NET Express looks similar to Server Explorer. You can add database connections and browse schema objects such as tables and stored procedures. You can right click on a schema object to generate ADO.NET code for this object. For example, you can right-click on a stored procedure and generate a C# method that executes the stored procedure and returns a DataReader. ADO.NET Express is especially useful for ASP.NET and middleware developers who write a lot of data access code and would like to save time to do more creative tasks. Generated code is easy to understand and modify. ADO.NET Express has a variety of options for generating code that cover most of the common data access scenarios. Generated code can also be used as a template for modification.


  • Generates class methods for calling stored procedures and executing common types of SQL statements.
  • Supports C# and Visual Basic.NET.
  • Supports SQL Server and Oracle databases.
  • Common SQL statements can be generated for tables, foreign keys and views. Examples include:
    • Select record by primary key
    • Update record with concurrency
    • Delete records by foreign key
  • Several code generation options for stored procedures. Examples include:
    • Call stored procedure, return DataReader
    • Create ADO.NET command with parameters that can be used later
  • Method is generated with typed parameters that correspond to stored procedure parameters.
  • Regular .NET types (int, string, decimal, ...) or provider specific types (SqlInt32, SqlString, SqlMoney, ...) can be used for method parameters. Provider specific types are useful for handling NULL values.
  • Full support for output and input/output parameters for stored procedures.
  • Flexible options for obtaining connection string. It can be read from a config file, it can be hardcoded or it can be obtained by calling a user specified object.
  • Full support for transactions. Transaction object can be passed to the method, so that SQL command will execute in a context of a transaction.

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  • Productivity - ADO.NET Express helps you be more productive by reducing time wasted on non-creative tasks such as coding data access. It leaves more time to concentrate on design of classes and other development tasks that can't be easily automated.
    • If you are a software development manager, making your team more productive may help you meet the code completion deadline and save thousands of dollars for your company.
    • If you are a developer working on a fixed bid project, then your income directly depends on your productivity.
    • If you are an employee of a big company, being more productive may be the best way to compete with low cost foreign labor and the best protection against being outsourced.
  • Flexibility - ADO.NET Express has many code generation options. Generated code is easy to understand and tweak. You are not forced to use a specific design - you can create your classes the way you prefer.
  • Ease of use - you can generate code with a couple of mouse clicks.
  • Reduced errors - ADO.NET Express generates high quality code. Code generation reduces a chance of making a mistake as opposed to writing code by hand.

take a tour | download FREE Lite version | buy Pro version for $29.95

Lite and Professional versions

ADO.NET Express is available in two versions - Lite and Professional. Lite version lets you evaluate all features of Professional version for a period of 30 days. After that some code generation features will be disabled but you can continue using Lite version for free as long as you wish.

This table describes the differeneces between versions:
Feature Lite Professional
Cost FREE $29.95
Code generation for tables, views, foreign keys and stored procedures limited, some method templates are not available full
Code generation in C# yes yes
Code generation in Visual Basic.NET yes yes
Support for SQL Server yes yes
Support for Oracle yes yes
Using .NET types for method parameters yes yes
Using provider specific types for method parameters no yes
Handling output and input/output parameters of stored procedures yes yes
Connection string hardcoded in generated code yes yes
User can specify how connection string is obtained no yes
Generated code supports transactions no yes
Number of database objects per schema 20 unlimited

take a tour | download FREE Lite version | buy Pro version for $29.95

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